I think my knitting obsession is getting noticed.

I made a website for my three-year-old, featuring his favourite cars from a Hot Wheels movie (oh yes, they make movies).

He was touched that I had made it especially for him. To demonstrate this, as he was looking through it, he said in awe and wonder,

“Oh wow! Did you knit this for ME?”

2 thoughts on “I Can Knit ANYTHING

  1. Linda Mundell

    Aw how sweet! I envy your being able to ‘almost’ knit anything. I spend most of my knitting time undoing all the horrible errors I notice a few rows down.

    Two rows forward, four rows back.

    Or, I dont’ read the pattern properly. At the weekend, after vowing I would never. ever. knit. again. I picked up the needles and started a ‘beginners’ cardie for kids. I was to do a row of knit and a row of purl until the cardi reacched 18 inches. At 11 inches I measured again, and chuffed with my pretty good knitting, had a glance of the pattern. Not long to go now. Though it is pretty big for a two year old child.

    Then it became clear – 18 cm. Not inches. Not at all inches. No where near 18 inches. Rip it out and start again. Well, a good few inches of it was ripped out.

    Despite my best efforts, I just don’t think I will ever become a ‘natural’ knitter. Will this cardie ever be finished? It took 7 months for me to do my first one. So come back next year and check on my progress.

  2. jwordsmith Post author

    Ha! Inches, centimeters, it’s all the same, right? Oh, no.

    The thing I hate most in knitting instructions is where they “do this really complicated decrease thing at the edges on every fourth row except when the moon is full” and you JUST get that figured out and have repeated it 3 times, when you look at the instruction again and notice the bit that says,

    “And at the same time, do this other thing as well, but in the center”


    Good luck with the cardi!

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