Happy To Be Writing

(Not happy that my latest theme upgrade seems to have erased to cool header image on this page, but when I have time I’ll fix that).

My third NaNoWriMo has rolled around and — hallelujah! — I decided to check out one of my former NaNoNovels one more time before I decided I was doomed never to finish a novel properly or revise it and that I should just give up the whole idea.

And do you know what I found?

I found that I quite liked it.

It’s flawed and far from publishable but it might just make it there.

So I hesitated for about three seconds before deciding that yes, I would plunge back in this year and use all the stuff I have learned about writing (and myself) over the past couple of years to get another first draft written.

Between NaNoWriMo and the StoryADay challenge I started in 2010, I have made more of a concerted effort to improve my fiction writing than at any time since I first moved to PA in 1996 and before that, since I was at primary school, when I just assumed I would always (ALWAYS) bit sitting in a corner somewhere, scribbling in a jotter, giggling to myself, and then showing the stories to appreciative authority figures who would tell me what a great writer I wa

Well, thanks to my unflaggingly enthusiastic hubby and eldest son, I can still tap into that inner ten-year old and tell myself I am a good writer (the younger son is a bit too young yet to grok what this is really about). Thanks to my parents, I still have that ‘why not me?’ attitude.  Thanks to Carol and Beth I have people who fully expect me to get this  done. Thanks to Chris Baty, I have a deadline. Thanks to Terry Pratchett I have a map of  how this might be done (even if it’s not done perfectly at the start). Thanks to all my peeps at StoryADay.org, I have a crew of writers who need me to take this business seriously and be better than I think I am on a bad day. And thanks to the lovely writers at the Main Line Writters Group, I have face-to-face people to read my stories to, who laugh in all the right places (and some unexpected ones) and whose collective brain I pick every time I go to one of those meetings. And thanks to every writer I’ve ever loved for keeping that irritating little fire alive in my soul.


So I’m 2 days and 5082 words into a new novel. I’ll lose my way and I’ll curse it and I’ll wonnder if it is anything other than a pile of steaming fertilizer. And I’ll struggle to write on days when we’re travelling or visiting or when  the house is full of people (even my little people) but I will reach 50,000 words this month. And then I will bury it in peat for an unsppecified amount of time and one day recycle it as firelighters. Or I’ll turn it into a real novel.


But i’ll tell you this for free: writing makes me happy.



What makes you happy? Are you doing it?