Global Silliness

So, my friend Carol went to Thailand and Cambodia for Christmas and New Year (as you do).

We’ve been keeping in touch by email, but this morning she caught me  on GoogleTalk and we’re chatting in real time. She sent me a link to the guest house she is typing from, so that I could ‘visit’.


Other fun moments in the conversation:

  • when she angsted about visiting a touristy place where a ceremonially-long-necked woman wove scarves, and wondered whether she was a horrible person because she was kind of hoping that spend a lot of money and talking to the woman balanced out the karma of exploiting the natives. “I didn’t once ask her about her neck attire,” she added, virtuously ;)
  • when she used the phrase “I have to find a liquor store for gifts”. Always a good phrase,  in my book.