Dying Yarn

Well the yarn turned out looking lovely, and no, you can’t see it because it’s dark and I haven’t taken a picture of it yet. I’ll take one tomorrow in the daylight, I promise.

I used jet black and burgundy to make solid stripes (if you can have such a thing) and dotted a mix of the burgundy and sapphire blue together to make purple dots on a third section of the yarn, which I’m hoping will turn out to look like one of those fake fairisle type patterns on self-striping socks.

I managed to wait until this morning to unwrap the yarn and rinse it. Then I disentangled my three skeins from each other, wound them in a ball, rewound that into a center-pull ball and then made a nice loose loop from that, that is drying in the basement. (See what I mean about unneccsarily complicated?)

Want to cast on. Want to cast on. Must wait until yarn no longer damp…