Don’t Make This Your Book’s Summary

I saw this book recommendation today:

“A coming of age story of a hard working young woman that must battle with her emotions…A must read”

And you know what I thought? 


That summary tells me nothing about how the book will make me feel or how it will relate to my life, or what genre it is, who wrote it, when she’s coming of age, or what she’s working at,  or why she’s battling, or what emotions…nothing!

When writing your book’s summary don’t say it’s a ‘must read’. Show us why it’s a must-read. 

Summaries are like headlines. A great one will make everyone want to click that link. A boring one? Well, life’s too short baby, and Twitter is overcrowded. So next time you see a summary that makes you reach for a book, or click through for the sample, stop and take a look at what the writer did; why the summary works.

And yes, it can be done in a few words.