Confident Writers, We Hates Them

Today I got to interview two full-time writers who have multiple published books, awards and a movie deal or two between them.

I got a lot of good stuff from them, most I’m saving for the article I’m contracted to write, and most, sadly won’t make it in. It was all great stuff. Very inspiring.

(And no, I’m not going to tell you who they were. Yet.)

But one of them (who has published 14 books in the past 20 years and has had at least one movie made, based on them) ended our conversation by talking about started the next book, confessing, “I’m a nervous wreck…always.”

Then this accomplished author said something that I loved so much I wrote it out and stuck it to the wall, so I can see it from my desk:

People who are super-confident about writing? I don't trust them!

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