I’m making some changes. Good changes. Commitments to things. Goals. Stuff that’s hard but good for me. And guess what? It’s hard. But good.

First I worked on my work. I’ve been trying to work to a set schedule; get my most important/creative work done each day while my energy levels are high and before I get distracted. Surprise, surprise, I’m churning out a lot of stories that way. And I’m excited about them.

(I’m working on an ebook of a series of Christmas stories. Don’t forget you can sign up to find out whenever I release new fiction.

I’m also working with other people, to give and receive feedback on writing projects. It makes me accountable (not just to do my own work, but to take time to read and think about theirs). It takes time management and means I can’t spend 14 hours a day checking social media and pretending it’s work. It’s tiring, but rewarding. I get a lot out of giving critiques as well as receiving them.

And now I’m working on my health. This is one more thing to shoe-horn into my schedule but I’ve finally realised that I’m getting older and things are going to stop working if I don’t do some routine maintenance on them. So I’m seeing a trainer, and following a meal plan and my calendar is full of little red appointments for this and for things I don’t want to forget that are related to other people in my life (including the big behemoth: school).

But we just had a fantastic vacation and all this planning and organizing doesn’t seem as bad as it does when you haven’t had a break for a while. (Note to self.) It was nice to come back to an empty refrigerator and go out and refill it with only healthy foods. Expensive but nice. It was nice to take a day today to go through all the stuff I’ve been ignoring for over a week, and put things on the calendar, delete other things, and view the upcoming months as the start of something, rather than the unending middle of things.

And all these things are hard for me, who resists plans and likes to feel spontaneous. But I have finally realised that making everything up as you go along is so much harder than having some essentials in place. So I’m trying to learn to plan. It’s a big change. One among many changes. And it’s hard. Hard but good.

And now I have to go and let someone torture my muscles.

Happy happy.