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The more frequently you write and finish a story, the more you’ll get a sense for how to pace yourself and your story. Don’t waste time on backstory or explaining anything at the beginning. Jump in half way through and unpack the story as you go. Some of it will be terrible, some of it you will learn from and some of it might even be quite good.

I’ve been known to make a sign that says “NO,” which I tape directly onto the TV screen.

John August,

Don’t apologize for finding time to write. Your friends may not understand why you’re not able to join them for that card game. Your mother might be pissed that you won’t talk to her during your writing time. Too bad. Writing is work. And that means you treat it like work. Even if you’re serious about writing, your friends and family may never take it seriously.

Jackie Kessler,

How to carve out 36 minutes of writing time tonight: An ‘hour long’ TV show is actually 42 minutes of content. The rest is commercials. Why not record your favourite shows or download them from iTunes/Netflix? Even if you still watch two shows in an evening, you could carve out 36 minutes for writing just by watching them commercial-free —- and still get to bed at the same time!

…get underneath the surface of things. Get down there where people are sweating and where things might be messy for you as a writer. Expose your deepest fears. Because it’s in that place that your readers will connect with you and come to care about your story.

Lisa Cron, Writer Unboxed,