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You know the deal. End of April means time to reblog Kanye welcoming us into Short Story Month!



Poetry Month is over. Make room for Beyonce Short Story Month


via Michael Filippone (c/o Dan Wickett)

Love you, Hobart. I read this post and exclaimed, “This means Short Story Month is officially real!”

annual tradition…


Hey guys, I know some of you out there like writing stories:

Story a Day May is a writing challenge where you write short stories. Short, long, or really short, as long as they are stories; beginning, middle, end.

There’s a community on the site where you can post your stories and receive feedback if you choose to and if you sign up there will be prompts to help you going every day. The first day’s writing prompt by none other than Neil Gaiman, by the way.

If you prefer to post about your progress here rather than there, the tag to use is /storyaday

More on the challenge.

Signing up.

What are you waiting for! Sign up! Start writing!

Dan Harmon’s Story Circle (based on Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey. Illustration from San Diego Professional Writers Blog, based on Wired interview.