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Adding Converts

I did it.

It was my first time.

I feel like a real grown-up knitter now.

I taught my friend to knit.

It totally did not push it. She came over (from the other side of the country, no less) and more or less instantly demanded that I teach her to knit. So I did.

I broke out the bamboo needles and the Koigu (because it feels so nice in the hand) and got her started on garter stitch.

She was pretty good. A couple of weird yarn looping problems, of course, but she was cruising along, unsupervised, chatting and drinking herbal tea all the while.

I think we have a new member of the coven, sisters!

Don't Take Away My Yarn!

A quote that made me laugh, from a fellow knit-blogger, who is having a hard time going back to work after the latest baby.

“As I was having that good cry, though, my husband put things in perspective–‘We could probably live on my salary you know…we’d have to give up some things…books, movies, braces for the kids, yarn…’ Wait a minute, buddy…back the truck up…you’re talking crazy now…”


I think my knitting obsession is getting noticed.

I made a website for my three-year-old, featuring his favourite cars from a Hot Wheels movie (oh yes, they make movies).

He was touched that I had made it especially for him. To demonstrate this, as he was looking through it, he said in awe and wonder,

“Oh wow! Did you knit this for ME?”

Knitting for the Blind

No, I mean: Knitting, For the Blind.

I just came across this, instructions on how to get knitting instructions on cassette, from the Royal National Institute for the Blind amongst others.

What a great idea, I thought. How equal-opportunities.

Then I thought, wa-a-a-it a minute….knitting when blind? Now that would present a challenge. It’s not impossible, and surely a blind person would be able to appreciate the tactile nature of knitting and yarn but my goodness the learning curve would be something.

Then I began to wonder, how much of my knitting is reliant on feel and rhythm, and how much on looking at what I’m doing? And it’s not the finished products that give me the greatest pleasure; no, it’s the actual knitting process.

So if I lost my eyesight yes, I would be thrilled to discover that there were patterns on tape.

And I suppose it’s not only the blind who could benefit from this. It is hard to keep a book open while holding two pointy sticks in your hands, after all.

Knit And Crochet Show

Originally uploaded by jwordsmith.

Lovely Husband (LH) set me free this morning to take a swing through the Knit And Crochet Show at Valley Forge. I didn’t sign up for any of the classes and, frankly, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had been to the Computer Show and Sale here and it was grim. And smelly. I was expecting better of the Knit and Crochet Show. I was not disappointed.

Last year I heard the owner of my Walking-Distance Yarn Store (WDYS) telling a customer that ye-as, she’d been but really she hadn’t seen anything new and, blah blah, generally sounding unimpressed. So really, I wasn’t expecting much.

But when I tell you that my usual haunts for yarn are the WDYS, which has lots of utilitarian yarns and a few scrumptious things that, in that context look like forbidden treasures; the local general craft store (acrylics and fuzzy yarns, ahoy); and very occasional trips to a better Local(ish) Yarn Store, you might get some idea of how unprepared I was.

Acres of gorgeous, touchable wool and wool blends; polished wood needles; hand-dyed yarns that smell a lot more amazing in real life than they look on the Internet; gorgeous examples of knitted garments (which look SO much nicer in 3-D than online)…

I was very restrained and only bought two 250 yds skiens of a natural wool/alpaca blend, after talking to the woman whose farm it came from, and one ball of Trekking sock yarn. I justified both purchases by noting that I couldn’t get either of these things from yarn stores nearby and the wool/alpaca I would never have fallen in love with, without touching.

I also bought a pattern for an amazing cabled coat with a box-pleat in the back (which you can see in the top left of the picture). One day it will be mine…But not until I’ve made some more practice sweaters. And raised the kids.

I also got some nifty tools for pinning your seams together while you sew up. Since I am way too lazy to fart about with pins while sewing up, I usually end up with badly sewn-up garments. These are kind of like hair clip (claws). I’ll post pictures or a link when I get a chance.

I also spoke to the daughter of the designer of Knit Stix, which have rulers printed right onto them so that you are never without your ruler. Brilliant!

There’s more, much more, but I’m trading on the good will of LH pretty heavily at the moment, so I’m going back to mommyhood now. More knitstuff later.

Addicted Again

I had a little reaction to the Knitting Olympics. It was similar to my reaction to anything that becomes an obligation. I didn’t want to knit anymore.

Oh, and my hands were sore.

Now that a couple of weeks have passed I’m back to squeezing my knitting in around other jobs like looking after my boys….