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The Parents’ School Morning Lament

Sometimes you just have to write a thing down, so here, in all it’s audio glory, is my Parents’ School Morning Lament, recorded and mixed for you, this morning.

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 12.14.06 PM

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Broken Toys – A Story

[audio:|titles=Broken Toys – A Story by Julie Duffy]

This is today’s StoryADay story. I enjoyed it so much I recorded it too. You can play it above, or right-click here to save the mp3 file.

Image: emmajane

See John.

See John laugh.

See John laugh and smile.

See John laugh and smile and touch his wife Jane on the elbow.

See John laugh and smile and touch Jane on the elbow and look into Jane’s eyes.

See Jane smile.

See John walk.

See John walk around the party.

See John mingle.

There is Alice.

Alice is watching John.

See Alice frown.

Here comes Mary.

Mary walks to the bedroom.

See John watch Mary.

John and Alice look at Jane.

See Jane talk.

See Jane laugh.

Jane does not see John or Alice or Mary.

See John walk to the bedroom.

Walk John, walk.

See Alice refill her glass.

Drink Alice, drink.

Where is John?

Where is Mary?

Drink Alice, drink.

Alice sees Jane.

Alice walks to Jane.

See Alice speak.

Jane frowns.

See Jane shake her head.

See Alice lean too close.

See Jane push Alice.

Alice grabs Janes arm.

Jane and Alice walk to the bedroom.

Jane runs out of the house.

Run Jane, run.

See John run out of the house.

(Good luck, John.)

Alice is in the kitchen.

See Alice’s mascara run.

Listen! A car door slams.

A man says a bad word.

Hear the engine roar.

Mary walks to the back porch.

See Mary light a cigarette.

Smoke Mary, smoke.

Snow Delay

[audio:|titles=Snow Delay]
Snow delay for the kids today. It was barely worth it for a dusting.

There was no policy for this when I grew up. Here, now, everyone knows that a delay means the day starts two hours late, A snow day means everything is canceled but work.

Growing up, there was just snow, and people gazing out of the window at heavy skies, and frantic phone calls among the people who decided things. I was sent home early once, as the snow coated the hills between my home and the school, the bus crawling and sliding through muffled afternoon darkness.

‘Sno Always Like This

[audio:|titles=Sno Always Like This!]

Since I moved to the States I’ve had to deal with people always telling me that I must be so used to the cold and snow, being from Scotland and all.

Then I have to gently tell them that it’s not really like Dickens’s A Christmas Carol in Britain these days, especially not on the warm west coast of Scotland where we rarely scraped up enough snow for  stunted snowman.

And then 2010 rolled in and brought this with it:

<a href=On the high-res version at NASA’s Earth Observatory site, you can zoom in and see that big cities like London and Birmingham show up as kind of grey blotches.

But look at that. It’s everywhere! It has covered the entire country! Beautiful, and astonishing (and less fun for the people who still live there than it is from me, looking at it from here).