Building A Business Around A Blog

If you’re anything like me, you’re cruising along, writing for your blog, gathering friends and followers, and feeling the comment luv, and your writing’s improving and you’re really starting to see this hobby as something that is important to you. And it’s starting to eat up more and more of your time, and you wish you could make it your job.

And then you hear about all these other people who are making money from blogging. And maybe you sign up for Google Ads, put up some sponsored links, but there is no way you’re making enough money to live on.

You know why?

No? I didn’t either.

Then, in February I joined a membership community called The Third Tribe. It’s all about how to do Internet Marketing without being obnoxious.

Yeah, it’s a membership site, which means you pay a little every month, but in return you get SOOO much information that I almost feel guilty paying as little as I do.

There is already more than 40 hours’ worth of seminar content and recorded Q&As and worksheets from the heavyweights in Internet marketing (Chris Brogan and the people behind Copyblogger, ProBlogger and more, Jeff Walker, whose Product Launch Formula course goes for over $2000 and I’ve never heard anyone say they regretted purchasing it!).

They hang out in the forum with me and other motivated online folks who are trying to build a business online. Honestly, I feel like I’m taking a Masters course.

Why am I telling you this? Because I’d like to invite you to join.

On June 1 they are raising the monthly fee from $47 to $97. Yeah, $97 makes me balk too. I don’t have the time to devote to my little blog business to make that pay yet. But $47 is different. It’s a lot, but it’s doable.

I have learned so much, and I have already:

Started to earn income through an affiliate relationship with someone I met in the Third Tribe community
Learned how to get my blog posts onto the first page of Google for their keywords.
Launched a membership site of my own, using techniques I learned in The Third Tribe. My site which signed up 340+ real members in the first three days. Over 42% of my members come back and log in between 9 and 100 times a month. That’s a lot of quality traffic and I’m having a blast with them.

If you are at all serious about marketing online (without selling your soul), you should probably join Third Tribe and you should do it today.

Here are three great reasons:

  1. When you join — the moment you join – you get access to six months’ of recordings, workbooks, action sheets and seminars that I’ve been paying for, monthly, as they rolled out since February. That’s a steal! In fact, I think I hate you a little.
  2. There is no obligation to keep subscribing. Even if you decide Third Tribe is not for you, you’ll still have that library of materials and I cannot tell you how crazy it is that you’re getting it for $47. It’s 20 hours of masterclass audio alone, not to mention the worksheets and Action Plan PDFs and a month of access to the forums.
  3. The price is going up to $97 a month, on June 1. But you and I needn’t pay that new price. I will always pay the original price I signed up for. You can too if you sign up before June 1. (And if $47 a month sounds like a lot for you, think of it as an investment in your business and it sounds to sound pretty cheap compared to advertising and potential-client-breakfasts, doesn’t it? Next month, it won’t be just $47. So why not join right now, at today’s price?

I’m a frugal kind of gal, but I will tell you I never resent seeing my Third Tribe membership invoice. (The payment to the gym that I’m not using, on the other hand…)

And finally, all the links on this page up until now have been affiliate links. That means I get a kick-back if you sign up. But I really believe in the value of my Third Tribe membership and to prove it, here is the clean, kick-back-free URL that you can use if you prefer: No hard feelings.

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