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Finding Your Voice

For me, the process of finding one’s voice was many, many years of suppressing it, because I was kind of ashamed of it…a switch threw in my mind and I thought you’re such an idiot: all this time you’ve been trying to make energy on the page but keeping all your natural instincts on the side…

George Saunders, Authors On Tour, Live from The Tattered Cover

The World Needs Your Story

Every now and then I search for signs of her writing on the Internet, but I don’t think she’s ever published anything. Breaks my heart because she was amazing….

Twenty years since the workshop and what I’m left with now is not bitterness or anger but an abiding sense of loss. Lost time, lost opportunities, lost people.

Junot Diaz,


Hey guys, I know some of you out there like writing stories:

Story a Day May is a writing challenge where you write short stories. Short, long, or really short, as long as they are stories; beginning, middle, end.

There’s a community on the site where you can post your stories and receive feedback if you choose to and if you sign up there will be prompts to help you going every day. The first day’s writing prompt by none other than Neil Gaiman, by the way.

If you prefer to post about your progress here rather than there, the tag to use is /storyaday

More on the challenge.

Signing up.

What are you waiting for! Sign up! Start writing!

#storyadaymay on tumblr

Link: #storyadaymay on tumblr


  1. I am writing a story a day in May. OH YES. 
  2. Most will wind up being flash and a few may end up longer. I have other writing to do this month so these will be palate cleansers for me.
  3. I am putting them on tumblr instead of my regular blog YAY TUMBLR.
  4. I have plenty of prompts to choose from but if you put one in my ask I might just write it so try me.
  5. Play along with me and try your hand at some stories this month. You can sign up for prompts and join the fun at the storyaday site or here on tumblr if you tag your stories. I genuinely want to read them so please TAG AWAY.

This is my third time taking on a month of stories (once I even succeeded) and I would not keep doing it if I didn’t think it was fun. Also, I have had some full-length stories grow out of the sparks I create during May so it’s worth it for me.